Pork All the Way!

While in PIK, I paid a visit to HYPE Street Food Market.

First thing first, PORK! The downside was we didn’t bring enough cash to buy all food we like. So, 2 top choices (according to our preference) we made were:

Shioba (45k)


The pork itself is delicious PLUS their “red green black” chilli WHOAAA so spicy!

Hoghock (55k)

Pork Knuckle and Pork Satay

It’s pork knuckle cooked differently. Very tasty and yummyyyyy! Mr Manžel liked it so much.


They torched the pork knuckle while in pan. I love my meal being torched because a caramelized food is just tasteful.

Pork Knuckle

A lot of people queuing in this food stall, and that what made us queue up too.

My advice? Bring a lot of cash if you wanna go here. Xo.

The next schedule will be on the following days:
° 29 April – 1 May 2016
° 6 May – 8 May 2016

Gojira Japanese Ice Cream Bars

Not that often Mr Manžel offers a “trip” to PIK. Traffic and distance are his most favorite reasons. Yea right?

Well, I didn’t know what’s gotten into him this afternoon. “Let’s go to PIK!” YES!

After quite long time searching for a place, we ended up stopping at Gojira Japanese Ice Cream Bars.

Gojira Tail (50k)

Gojira Tail

Banana roll crepes with cream cheese and matcha ice cream. It’s one of their signatures and AND it was BOMB! The banana was huge, chocolate sauce was a lot, and matcha ice cream was nice. Very much of a combination. I liked!

Gojira Skewers (33k)

Gojira Skewers

Street style skewers served with french fries, mayo, and seaweed. This one made Mr Manžel wanting for more. It was very delicious. I’m sure he’ll be back for this again.

Lemon Iced Tea (25k)

Lemon Iced Tea

A black iced tea with fresh lemon. It could be better yet it was quite refreshing.

You should try! Xo.

Gojira Japanese Ice Cream Bars
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B2 No. 3,
Bukit Golf Mediterania,
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021-29704982 ext. 318

Open: Mon-Sat 11AM-11PM
Sun 11AM-12AM

Gyros Alley

Photo credit: lunchgetaway.blogspot.com

Jakarta traffic has been TOO much, can’t handle it anymore. Some more, it’s been raining hard lately. You guess? Yes, craziest! Lil sis was just as hungry as a lion, then asked to dine in at Gyros Alley. I directly said YES!

Gyros is known as Greek style of marinating the lamb and chicken for 42 hours and roast it in horizontal charcoal spit.

Gyros Souvlaki (62k)
Charcoal roasted meat, Tzaziki sauce, tomato, and onion wrapped in homemade pita bread. We had the lamb. It was very tender and mouthwatering. Dip it into the chilli sauce ?? Fav!

Gyros Souvlaki (62k)

Spanakopita (45k)
Spinach and fetta crispy triangles. It’s the best appetizer I’ve ever tried. Tastes deeeeelicious and melts in my mouth! ?????

Spanakopita (45k)

Popcorn Chicken (45k)
Battered chicken pieces. It was Mr Manžel’s choice. Everyone liked it! They served it with veggies and french fries on the side.

Popcorn Chicken (45k)

Lemonita Iced Tea (32k)
Lemon grass and lime. Very sour and refreshing! Feeling fresh right away.

Lemonita Iced Tea (32k)

Overall, we likeeeeed it a lot. We’ll be back fo’ sure in daytime to take better pictures.

Gyros Alley

PS: You better share the food as their portions are just so big!


Birthday Week

I am beyond grateful of whatever God has blessed me with. I have a wonderful husband, mom, dad, and sister.

As I turn 29 today (I don’t wanna kiss twenties goodbye), they are still and always be by my side. Wouldn’t ask for more!

Being older means that I have to be even more mature with a lot more responsibilities coming. Many more things to do and settle. Ya well, life must go on, right? Whatever it takes to become a better person, I’ll be on the boat! I’m just gonna enjoy all the rides.

Mr Manžel has always been there to surprise me on my birthday. The time has always been the same, yet the cake is always different. Tadaaa, egg tart (my favorite snack after donut) is my birthday cake for this year! Nothing fancy, trust me. I appreciate things that I love the most (got what I mean?).


Be grateful! 😉 Xo.

Sushi Tei

Who doesn’t love sushi?

My very first Japanese restaurant was Sushi Tei and I’ve been their biggest fan since then.

Just today (D-1 of my birthday), I went here with Mr Manžel and le sister. What I always look for on my birthday week in Sushi Tei is their birthday cake.

Birthday sushi cake

You can easily find me here my whole birthday week ’cause I always want to have their ‘sushi cake’. ;);) Love it that much!

Other than that, of course we were hungry and ordered whatever we felt ordering.

Volcano Roll
Inari Sushi
Salmon Mentai
My most fav: Salmon Maki

Fully bloated! Let’s see if I order something different tomorrow 😉

My first birthday cake this year


Cheese Cake Factory

It’s been a very long time not coming here. Le sister asked me this evening to have a dessert before dinner (yea I know)..

So, we granted her wish and came to Cheese Cake Factory. Each of us ordered 1 slice of cake of our choice.

This one is mine, I chose Nutty Nutella Cheesecake. I’m crazy over Peanut Butter and Nutella! A cheesecake with a strong peanut butter flavor and topped with Nutella chocolate.

Nutty Nutella Cheesecake

Next one right here is Mr Manžel’s choice, Black Magic Truffle. For a chocolate lover like him, this cake is very chocolaty, moist, and delicious.

Black Magic Truffle

Last one is le sister’s! She will always choose Blueberry Cheesecake. Well, it’s their signature dessert! A vanilla sponge base surrounded by a velvety, toasted meringue and topped with blueberry topping.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Click here if you want to see other menu and here for store locations.


Let’s get dessert 😉 Xo.