Bro-in-Law’s Birthday



Store-bought cake
Store-bought cake
Mom-in-law's homemade cake
Mom-in-law’s homemade cake


My mom-in-law got to choose a restaurant for birthday lunch. She chose Sunny Side Up because she likes their Rosemary chicken. Unfortunately, they discontinued to serve Rosemary chicken. It’s quite so long though since the last time we ate there. What we ordered?


Yakiniku Hotplate (58k)

Special beef with yakiniku sauce served with rice and egg in a hotplate.


Creamy Salmon (69k)

Butter rice served with fresh salmon slice and authentic cream sauce. Topped with half-cooked egg.


Steak Omurice (70k)

Tender beef steak with Japanese Ami sauce along with special steak fried rice topped with crispy kanuki and sliced chili.


Classic Tomato (45k)

Our special tomato fried rice and chicken karaage.


There will always be a space for dessert! The choice fell on Nanny’s Pavillon.


Colton’s Sizzling Chocolate Pancake (55k)

Two stack of pancakes with choco chips, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate sauce drizzler over the sizzler.


Alvin’s Black Crunchy Caramel Waffle (45k)

Waffle with cookies crumbs and caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream. Very crunchy!


Hubert’s Bacon-Topped Chicken Parmesan Cheese (59k)

Chicken breast with parmigiano cheese and beef bacon served with mashed potato.


Well at least my mom-in-law got something like Rosemary chicken with mashed potato.

Everyone’s happy! Tummy’s happy! Xo.

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