Appreciation in the Office

I have been working in the same place for almost 3 years now. The best boss and team work I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from Ms Šéf on how to deal with management issues. Gained so much skills now. Yippie!

“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” -Charles Schwab

What I learned the most is that every work we have done is appreciated. Well, appreciation does not always come with material, yet words will also do its magic. That’s how Ms Šéf builds motivation in all her employees.


Those cakes were ones of gifts Ms Šéf gave us. How blessed we are in the company!


Birthday Week

I am beyond grateful of whatever God has blessed me with. I have a wonderful husband, mom, dad, and sister.

As I turn 29 today (I don’t wanna kiss twenties goodbye), they are still and always be by my side. Wouldn’t ask for more!

Being older means that I have to be even more mature with a lot more responsibilities coming. Many more things to do and settle. Ya well, life must go on, right? Whatever it takes to become a better person, I’ll be on the boat! I’m just gonna enjoy all the rides.

Mr Manžel has always been there to surprise me on my birthday. The time has always been the same, yet the cake is always different. Tadaaa, egg tart (my favorite snack after donut) is my birthday cake for this year! Nothing fancy, trust me. I appreciate things that I love the most (got what I mean?).


Be grateful! 😉 Xo.

Just Blogged

While people have already had like a lot of post on their blogs, I just started mine. Well, it’s better late than never, right?

However, I post my interests mostly on Path and Instagram. Check it out when you have time 🙂 Xo.