Working and Coffee Time


I’ve been very busy with workloads lately. Couldn’t sleep well caused me ‘panda eyes’. However, life must go on, right? One of the places I was looking forward to was coffee shop.


I tried Srsly Coffee for the first time and been there twice afterwards. Loving the ambiance because the place is surrounded by big windows for sunlight to enter. Drinks are also nice here!


Matcha Latte (40k)

I am a huge fan of Matcha drink and I can say that this is one of the best. It tastes real Matcha!


Affogato (45k)

Mr Manžel‘s pick! It’s evenly sweet and bitter. He loved it!


Flat White (40k)

On a second visit, I still ordered Matcha Latte, while Mr Manžel chose Flat White.


It’s their unique saying “I’m better than your energy drink. You won’t regret it.” Well, I didn’t regret it 🙂



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